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About Neighbourhood Expert 

What is neighbourhood Expert?

Neighbourhood Expert provides Real Estate Agents with full neighbourhood amenity data for every address in Canada. Data is provided in an interactive map and as a printable PDF report. There are 25 amenity categories such as Schools, Hospitals, Day Cares, Banks, Grocery Stores etc...

How do I set up my map page?

Once you register for a 30 day trial your map page will automatically be created for you. You'll see the link to your page when you login. Our link format is

How do I customize my map page?

You can add your contact info, logo and profile picture. This allows you to brand your map and spread your name as a neighbourhood expert.

How do I link it to my website?

Your map page has its own unique URL (Web page link). You can add this link to your website and/or blog and your site visitors will be able to use your map to view amenities and request reports.

How do I create PDF Amenity Reports?

On your Neighbourhood Expert interactive map, you will see a "Get PDF Report" button. The main purpose of this button is to allow website visitors to request their own map. However, you can also use this function to send maps to your own e-mail address and then forward them to clients or prospects.

Why do the maps come by e-mail, can't I just download them?

We custom create maps based on the property address. In order to download maps we would have to pre-build a map for each address in Canada and store them online. This would result in millions of maps. Our solution creates custom maps upon request and it takes around 2 minutes to build and e-mail them. We are working on a backend solution that will allow you to create your own maps from within your Neighbourhood Expert account.

How do I generate more leads with Neighbourhood Expert?

When your website visitors request a map using the "Get PDF Report" button, our system will e-mail the map to them, and send you all of their contact info.

How do I close more deals with Neighbourhood Expert?

Real Estate is a competitive business, you can use Neighbourhood Expert reports to separate yourself from your competition, demonstrate that your neighbourhood expertise far exceeds your competitors and leverage this knowledge to close more deals.

How much does it cost after the 30 Day Trial?

The annual fee for Neighbourhood Expert is $299

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